Pay smart, Pay swift!

SKAi2 Pay - more than banking!


Decide for yourself how you want to pay and earn instant cashback!

Make payments with modern methods like digital wallets without the need to switch to other applications. With our app, you only need to scan the QR code to pay and receive cashback instantly.

Easy and Secure Payment

Your money and your data's security are as paramount to us as to your bank.

Worldwide Support for Merchants

Guaranteed compatibility with all merchants in the SKAi2 program worldwide.

Fast and High Bandwidth

Seamless payments regardless of PSP availability and security of data.

Multiple Language Support

Supports 24 languages: empowering you to transact globally.

SKAi2 Payments


Transform your life with our first eWallet in Europe!

By the end of 2023, you'll unlock the power to make seamless Euro payments in select European Union countries. And starting in 2024, we're taking it a step further, offering payment options in all currencies used across European countries. It's your passport to borderless transactions! 


You can transfer your money between other SKAi2 users freely, at no cost.

Modernized payments

With our app you can transfer money between e-wallets quickly, reliably and at no cost.

Earn while you pay

With SKAi2 Cashback, it is a great opportunity to get instant cashback.

5 Star Rating

Even More Features!

SKAi2 Cashback

Spend wisely, and earn while you pay. It's the win-win we all love!

You decide when you want to receive your refunds! Up to 5% from every transaction.

SKAi2 Loan

Simplify your financial path with our stress-free application process!

Flexible payment terms, competitive rates and a fast, hassle-free application process.

Psst! It's a testing phase, and exciting changes await!

If you want to join the tests sign up now!


Psst! It's a testing phase, and exciting changes await!

If you want to join the tests sign up now!