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SKAi2 Partners for merchants

SKAi2 is a app tailored to your company's needs. From state-of-the-art solutions to facilitate payments to managing deliveries and bookings. It's a one-stop solution for convenience and efficiency.

Sustainable Business

Frequent and returning customers thanks to our loyalty program partners.

Easy and Fast

Easier to use than old-school payment methods.

Instant Transfers

Only with our eWallet, your fees will be almost zero. Making your income more predictable.



Long-term adaptability and usability. Saving time and resources as technology evolves.

Satisfied Customers

Thanks to our novel solution, workload of your employees will be decreased. 

Secure Payment Solution

Fully independent of old-fashion banking infrastructure.

SKAi2 Payments

All payments and services in just one app. Accept payments with modern methods like crypto and digital wallets without the need to switch to other applications. If required even regular credit cards can be accepted.

Credit Cards

As a merchant, it is more convenient to have one application supporting all types of payments and also the reduce the number of unnecessary terminals.   


You will pay less for payment processing and have faster cash flow than in old fashion way through credit card providers. You can transfer your money between eWallets fast, reliable and freely, at no cost. 


SKAi2 Crypto is a new option for accepting regular payments. Give your customers a choice - let them decide how they want to pay. After scanning the QR code, they can choose which cryptocurrency they will use for the payment.


Manage all your company's services with a single app

SKAi2 Device

Extend the SKAi2 functionalities by ordering our customized SKAi2 hardware terminal with a built-in high-speed printer. Our terminal also has a built-in barcode and QR code scanner, an NFC payments module, a sensitive camera sensor, and powerful speakers.


Experience convenience like never before. Simplify your life with us! 

SKAi2 Delivery gives you the opportunity to gather all popular food ordering services in one place. You will no longer have to use different apps on different devices. Everything in one place. It's easy! 

Say goodbye to endless tabs and apps. It's your one-stop solution for seamless scheduling! 

From now on, you will be able to accept bookings from your customers and manage them in one place.  

That keeps your customers coming back. It's a win-win for everyone! 

SKAi2 Loyalty is ideal if you want to expand your customer base and check total and average turnover in one place. 

With this loyalty program, your customers will receive instant cashback for every transaction. This way you will quickly build up a base of satisfied and returning customers. 

With our digital wallet, you will be able to make payments in a modern way. No more jumping between apps. With our app you can transfer money between e-wallets quickly, reliably and at no cost. All you have to do is scan the QR code to pay and get cashback instantly. It's all about simplifying life's transactions.  


Psst! It's a testing phase, and exciting changes await!

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Choose The Right Plan For Your Business

Sky2 Platform makes it easy for SMEs around the world to manage services in a modern way. 

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